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What's on the menu this week ?

One of my favorite album this year has to be "Pretty Girls Love Trap Music" and 2chainz hit it right on the head when he said "Health is Wealth ", I agree 100 percent. I have been researching and changing my lifestyle slowly. Excesising , meal prepping and the key to it all drinking water. That is my thing , water that is. I love drinking water and know for a fact that my body appreciates me feeding it what its needs not what I want. I want to share with you all a week worth of meals that you could easily make to begin your healthy lifestyle. 

(Start each day with vitamins ) 

Monday: Breakfast: Oatmeal with fruit and water (32 ounces)

 Lunch: Sald with beans and corn . 

 Dinner: Brown rice and ground turkey . 

Tuesday:Breakfast: Sliced mangos , toast with avacado .        

   Lunch: Popcorn , green beans and rice .               

 Dinner: Turkey tacos 

Wednesday:Breakfast: Oatmeal & toast Lunch: Black bean Burger & green beans & fruit . 

 Dinner: Mexican Corn , tuna salad 

Thursday: Breakfast: egg white wrap with potatoes squares 

   Lunch: sweet poatato fries , turkey burger 

   Dinner: Cesar salad 

Friday: Breakfast: Avacado Toast egg-whites

           Lunch: Salmon , yellow rice 

           Dinner: Dirty rice 

Saturday:Breakfast:Oatmeal with raisin & honey 

    Lunch: bean burger sweet potatoes fries 

    Dinner: vegetable quesadilla 

Sunday : Cheat day